The Benefits of Solar Garden Lights

Environmentally friendly

With so much concern about climate change and how we can best look after our planet, Solar garden lights are a no-brainer. They immediately reduce the carbon footprint not only now, but for future generations.

Cost effective

Solar garden lights are powered directly by the sun’s rays so there are no expensive electricity bills to be concerned about. No need to worry that you may have left the power supply on or how much energy its using.  During the daylight hours the battery charges automatically.

Low maintenance

Virtually maintenance free.  The most that is required with the solar garden lights is an occasional wipe over of the solar panel attached to the Globe Light, should any residue have fallen on it.  Nothing could be easier.


We are all wanting to enhance our outdoor spaces so why not choose lighting that looks great both day and night.  Stone Globe Lights provide solar garden lights in three sizes and six different stone colours so you can be sure to find one that matches or tones your hard landscaping or garden design.

There is no doubt that by choosing the solar globe lights you will have a garden feature to be admired both night and day.

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The image below shows a sandstone Solar Globe Light with the solar panel in the background. We see the back of the panel as the front is facing into the sun.