Power sources: 230v, 12v, Solar or Plug & Play

Joanna Wallis is the creator of Stone Globe Lights, unique garden and landscape lighting with a dual day and night function.

Stone Globe Lights are striking garden features by day, which become welcoming lights at night.

The idea for the Globe Lights came about following a commission to design some ‘moonlike’ lamps for a client. Since then, they have become very popular across the UK and overseas.

The Stone Globe Lights are made here in the UK, and priority is placed on the quality of each individual Globe Light we produce.

We are concerned about the environment and recycle wherever possible.

Whether you are a private owner, a garden designer, landscaper or architect, the Globe Lights will be of interest.

In the words of the Garden Design Journal, ‘as ornamentation, ambient and task lighting all rolled into one, they have vast design potential.’

The attraction of Joanna Wallis’s globe lights…

…is not only the remarkably authentic stone look by day and the glow of the globe by night, but also the price.  The globe lights are significantly cheaper than their stone counterparts and far more interesting!”

Lt. Col. Robert Cartwright, LVO,  Bursar Ibstock Place School



On asking a client if I could use her comments for PR purposes she replied:

“Of course I don’t mind you using my comments.  We did look at cheaper globes but there was no comparison for an investment piece.

During the day the globe blends really well with the other two globes and at night it just takes centre stage and gives the pefect glow to lighting our entrance…magical…thank you for your inspiration.


“The two finial lights have arrived and are exactly what we were looking for. These will certainly enhance the new entrance to our Guest House when the groundworks are completed.  We have already done a test in the garage to see the effect.

I appreciate the beautiful items supplied.”

Richard Edwards, Fort William. www.crolinnhe.co.uk

“Thank you again, Joanna!!  Your globes have truly MADE our house glow in the most special way.”

J. Altamar.  Chevy Chase, U.S.A

“The globe lights arrived and the people who were installing the gates also installed the finial globe lights.  I have to say they look fantastic and I  am very happy indeed.

They are in keeping with the stone in the day and wow do they come into their own in the dark – they look amazing!

Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend these lights to others.”

S.N.  Swansea

“Just had to drop you a line to tell you I am absolutely delighted with my new globe light.  I was a little unsure when it first arrived as it was so light but as soon as it was fitted onto our pillar, all doubt was completely dispelled.

The globe looks very realistic when doing its job as a stone sphere adornment during the day then completely transforms itself into a magical “full moon” light at dusk.

We have had many admiring comments both during the day and at night.

I would also like to thank you for the great customer service and personal touch (becoming increasingly rare these days) you afforded us by sending us colour samples, which proved to be crucial, as I would definitely have ordered the wrong colour without them.

Fantastic, unique product and fabulous service! Delighted!”

Emma Staniforth