Outdoor lighting and automatic gates provide an excellent solution for both security and adding value to property. They’re not only suitable for larger properties but are becoming increasingly popular with smaller ones too.

Garden buildings are becoming increasingly popular as technology has allowed more people to work from home. Structures such as log cabins can be the perfect space for a home office, studio or exercise room but they do not have the same level of protection a typical home would. Providing a garden with sufficient outdoor lighting and with automatic gates can provide garden buildings with an extra level of security.  

Homes with electronic gates and outside lighting can often get a lower insurance premium which adds to the appeal. Intruders don’t like breaking into a home if there are no shadows to hide in. Outside lighting creates spotlights making anyone lurking in the grounds easily visible.

Globe lights can turn both metal gates and a timber gates into attractive features. By day they resemble stone ornaments but change into pretty moon-shaped lights at night.

As well as protecting the property from intruders globe outdoor lighting can turn even the humblest garden into a magical land at night. So are they both worth considering or a complete waste of money?

What are the benefits of installing an outside lighting system

During the long winter nights, security and safety are an issue. Outside lighting can provide an effective solution not only making it safer for approaching an entrance but acting as a deterrent for burglars as well.

Outside lighting can be attractive as well as practical, enhancing and adding value to a property. They can make pretty features stand out such as ornamental ponds or shrubs.

Stone globe lights

Stone globe lights look like garden ornaments during the day but magically transform at dusk into soft glowing lights. They give any garden a welcoming feel, lighting the way at night along pathways. Dramatic effects can be achieved depending on the colour, size, and placement of the globes.

A garden can be transformed by placing a few stone lights along borders, on lawns, or other areas that benefit from being highlighted. Placing globe lights on pillars and gate posts can light up a driveway at night making reversing a car safer. It’s also useful if you’re searching for keys, and creates a welcoming light on arriving home late at night.

Globes can also create a stunning effect when placed on pillars at entrances to gardens. These pretty yet practical outdoor lights are handcrafted in the UK and designed to look like stone. They’re very lightweight being created from resin and fibreglass (the Finial globes) or polyethene (the Spherical globes).

The globes are also available with spike attachments making them more secure when pushing into soft ground. The spikes are extra but worth the added expense as they’re less likely to be blown away in heavy winds, or pulled out of the ground by animals. The spikes are made from heavy, durable steel so will last a very long time.

Globe lights are very resilient and will withstand frost, ice, and snow during the winter months. The beautiful Finial globes can be customised to match brick and stonework, and the Spherical globes come in four different colour finishes so there is sure to be one that will suit your landscaping. The lights are powered using low energy LED bulbs and are very safe. You can buy replacement bulbs online or from most large DIY stores.

 What is the voltage used?

If used with automatic gates the chances are you will already have mains voltage connected.

Otherwise, if there are no 240v points prepared in the garden from which to connect your lights, 12v is a good option used with a transformer  This ensures safety if the cable attached to a light was to become damaged, as a person or animal could suffer a fatal electric shock as a result. 

Automatic gates that control outside lights

It’s possible to set up a system so that outside lights on top of electronic gate posts switch on when approached. This system could even be extended to turn on other lights in the garden. What better way to be greeted on your return home on a dark, cold night than with the welcoming glow of globe lights.

Landscape designers could make use of an automatic gate system by planning a light display that’s activated on approaching a property. Spectacular effects could be achieved using different coloured lights, and there really is no limit to what can be achieved.

Energy-saving sensors for outside lighting

Energy can be saved by installing wireless timers that program driveway lights to switch on at dusk. They could be set to reduced power which saves quite a lot on energy bills over time. 

Using automation to create a truly amazing light display

Turn any garden into a magic wonderland by installing an automatic lighting system that’s controlled remotely. Instantly control lights to turn on or off using an iphone or key fob! There are a number of available companies who can set this up depending where the property owner lives.

Transforming water features with globe lights

Transform garden water features at night into spectacular light displays with the addition of a few carefully placed globe lights. During the day they look like stone but as dusk approaches they light up turning into full moon shaped pretty lights. Different effects can be achieved with the coloured globes.

Add beauty and safety to ponds and swimming pools

Making features of ponds or swimming pools with a few globe-shaped lights can transform any garden into a magical place at night. Perfect for sitting outside on warm summer evenings and entertaining friends. Carefully positioned globe lights can also provide safety around pools or ponds making them easily visible and avoiding accidents.

Add atmosphere to a barbecue area with globe lights

Barbecue patios come to life with globe lights adding warmth and atmosphere. Long summer evenings are ideal for eating outside, and installing a few globe-shaped lights on the patio area can add a touch of magic as well as providing functionality. Mix up the colours or stick with one theme.

If a homeowner or business owner has the money to invest then both electronic gates and outside lighting are well worth considering. Not only will it bring peace of mind and lower insurance premiums but when it comes to selling the property a higher sale price can be asked for.


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