12W 12V Plug & Play outdoor Transformer

£21.02 incl VAT

Will power 1- 3 Globes if using the Timer/Light Sensor.  1- 4 Globes without Sensor.

Suitable for use outdoors – IP44 rated.

Leave it on the ground (not in areas prone to flooding) or can be wall mounted.

Comes with 1.6mtr. of mains 230v cable and standard UK 3 amp fused plug.

DC rated output.

To choose the correct transformer:  Count up the number of watts used. Each Globe Light is 2.8 watts.  Plus 1 watt for the Timer/Light Sensor if used.

The transformer must have a wattage the same or higher than the total number of watts used.

Tip.  If you think you may be adding more Globes later to your scheme, it may be wise to choose a higher transformer.

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