Our ever-popular Stone Globe Lights are available in 12v Plug & Play as well as the standard 12v & Mains/230v versions. One benefit of the Plug & Play system is that it can be easily and safely installed by anyone, without the need for an electrician. The benefits of 12v models are that they are totally safe for gardens and pets and can now be installed by anyone using our new 12v Plug & Play cable and accessories.

WHAT YOU NEED:  If you have a large garden:

You will need to purchase a Mains Cable Pack of either 10m, 25m or 50m from our Accessories page.

Simply place the lights in position around the garden, run the main cable alongside the lights and connect onto it using one Connector per Globe Light.

Your Mains Cable then plugs into the Transformer, or Timer/Sensor if required, before plugging into the mains 13amp powerpoint.

ALTERNATIVELY for a smaller area or where the power socket is within easy reach, you can plug the lights directly into the Transformer.

By using a 3-Way Connector this connects 3 Globe Lights.

If you need a longer length cable you have the option of upgrading to a 5m length.

Alternately purchase an Extension cable.

Each Globe Light comes with a 0.45m cable and LED bulb as standard.

Please feel free to email me, Joanna, to ask any questions or to go through the set up sequence: joanna@stoneglobelights.co.uk

Should you be intending purchase for delivery outside of the mainland UK please email joanna@stoneglobelights.co.uk before proceeding so that we can arrange a delivery quote.

‘We are thrilled with our Stone Globe Lights, both during the day and once dusk falls. The glow from the lights is soft and effective. They were easy to install with the clear instructions provided and we liked them so much that we added to our original order!’    

Ali Bailey